VendExpo 2011: Most high-profile event on Russian Vending market


The exhibition VendExpo-Russia 2011 – “Vending technologies of XXI century” held in March 2011 became the most high-profile event on Russian vending market.

VendExpo-Russia exhibition this year was notable for not only the good cast of companies-exhibitors but also for the variety of presented vending trends. Vending novelties featured in the exhibition, business dealing conceptions, seminars and presentations on stands and also experts’ speeches in the frame of the business program – all that allowed the potential investors to see into the market specific character and evaluate advantages of the vending as perspective business strategy.

More than 50 % of exhibitors being manufacturers

More than 50% of exhibitors being manufacturers showed their own in-house developments on the exhibition.   Exposition of 2011 year was notable for variety of shown machines. Herewith the coffee machines were only 17% from total number of machines. In the framework of the annual forum “Vending as the concept of business development in modern economic conditions” only the real experience of small and medium-sized vending business development was discussed.
The owners and managers of vending companies were the market experts. For the first time in free and non-production discussion in the framework of talk-show “Realists vs Optimists Battle” the participants cleared up the question “Vending – business for the lazy persons?” ”. The main issues became: What are the rules of play on vending market and what is the core – immediate profit or perspective business?

“Best Vending Beverage”

The traditional and only one in Russia Professional competition “Best Vending Beverage” (BVB) was held in the framework of the VendExpo-Russia. There are severe requirements demands to competitors but nevertheless the competition is very popular. Successful VendExpo-Russia 2011 holding proves once again the vending market development perspective, honored exhibition authority and exhibitors and visitors trust.

Contact details:
VendExpo-Russia Administration +7 (495) 287 03 63
Exhibition director: Olga Sitnikova
Lead manager: Ekaterina Demina, +7 (916) 107 86 93

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