Vending Poland 2012 – for a big niche market…


VENDING POLAND - the 5th edition of the international trade fair for the vending industry will open its doors on 3rd – 4th of October 2012 at MT Polska Trade Fair and Congress Centre, Warsaw.

VENDING POLAND  – the 5th edition of the international trade fair for the vending industry will open its doors on 3rd – 4th of October 2012 at MT Polska Trade Fair and Congress Centre, Warsaw. Occurring every two years

event organized by the Polish Vending Association (PSV) is the only and the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe.  VENDING POLAND is the exhibition for b2b sector and it provides all interested in this kind of retail trade with trends and technology in automated distribution in Poland. For the exhibitors it is also a gateway to potential clients from  surrounding countries.

Vending industry is developing constantly

Participants can expect good effects, as Poland (against economy regress in Europe) – especially vending industry, is developing constantly. For the last few years many vending companies in Poland noticed double digit growth. Polish vending market has still a very high potential. The average number of people for 1 vending machine is approximately 800 in Poland, while in Western Europe there are 100 persons per 1 machine. Additional potential is in fast developing market of office buildings, shopping and entertainment centres and objects of accommodation. Profile for exhibit includes: • latest machines (hot/ cold drink, snacks, fresh food, hot meals, nonfood) • small vending machines selling hygienic products, OTC pharmacies, toys • vending machines  filling products • vending cups and other disposables • water filters and water treatment solutions • water coolers • service vehicles • transport means for machines and products • payment systems • services • accessories • safes • vending machines marketing  solutions

Visitors profile

Experienced vending machine operators and the beginners,  decision makers, commercial offices buildings administrators, hotel  owners, restaurant and bar owners, public building administrators, school and hospital administrators and petrol stations owners,  leisure facilities are the target visitors. The 4th edition (2010) was visited by over 1200 professionals (in 2008 r. approximately 700 guests),  the number of exhibitors – 52 (including 14 from abroad) – was also the highest in its history (previous edition – 30), so there were 73% companies more.

Vending market in Poland

The vending market in Poland sees major growth, but still  the number of vending machines is relatively low. It is a niche sector of retail trade with great opportunities. PSV estimates there is approximately 50 000 hot/ cold/snacks vending machines localized mainly in  commercial office buildings, public buildings, schools.  Even 75 – 80% of the market is represented by hot drink machines, this segment sees development, as well as cold drink/snacks machines.  The whole market is growing, so all segments get more space in “growing cake”.  Noticeable is development of hot food vending sector, as consumers expect more variety. Ready to eat hot meals, fresh sandwiches, salads are in demand.

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