VendExpo Russia 2012: 68 exhibitors from 9 Countries


VendExpo-Russia 2013 will be held next year in March 20-22. Foto: VendExpo

On March 15, 2012 in CEC “Expocentre” finished its work the 6th International specialized exhibition VendExpo-Russia – the annual project for the companies developing their business in a sphere of vending.

The main exhibition aim is to present maximum quantity of information, knowledge and contacts necessary as for development of vending networks as for creation the own business in its sphere. Not only traditional directions of coffee and snack machines were in favor but also the new for our market machines such as milk trade machine or fast pizza making machine. Hi-tech and innovation products of payment systems, information and service terminals are just few directions of goods’ realization through vending machined represented on VendExpo-Russia.

Results of Vending Development in 2011

The largest Russian operators and representatives of the key world vending equipment manufacturers took part in the exhibition: “Siba-Vending”, “Comm Pass”, “Premaxa”, “Professionalnye & Torgovye Avtomaty”, “Vavilon Vending”, Satro, Jofemar, Merkur, MEI, JCM Global, Crane Payment Solutions, Rheavendors, BVM-Rus and many others. In the framework of the forum “Vending as the concept of business development in modern economic conditions” were summarized the results of vending development in the past 2011 year and detected perspectives of the market development. Two-day business program attracted a lot of interested specialists.  In debating the participants could get answers on questions of their interest and define the practical ways of successful business dealing. The reports devoted to up-to-date vending positions in Russia and Europe were interesting equally as for market players as for those who only thinks of opening such business. On the Forum opening ceremony Egor Spivakovsky – board member of the Russian National vending Association (RNVA) introduced the visitors to the Moscow Administration agenda regarding vending development in the capital that should greatly increase the quantity of vending machines on the city streets.

Increasing specialists demand

The high activity level of VendExpo-Russia 2012 audience showed increasing specialists demand for practical experience exchange – at a rough estimate the total quantity of business events participants vary from 400 to 450 persons. The only one in Russia professional competition “Best Vending Beverage” (BVB-2012) had three nominations: “Big City Beverages” – Floor-standing vending machines, “Beverages Of Business Communication” –  Table Top vending machines, “Beverages For Exquisite Environment” –  Professional machines for HoReCa. Organizes of the competition is EMTG Company supported by the Association “Rusteacoffee”. By the results of independent organoleptic expertise by experts of the Central Industry Taste Panel of The Rusteacoffee Association the winners were decided. The best beverages – espresso, cappuccino and hot chocolate were presented by “Siba Vending” Ltd, “Vavilon Vending” Group of Companies, “Rheavendors East” Ltd, “Professionalnye & Torgovye Avtomaty” Ltd, “Comm Pass” Ltd.

VendExpo-Russia 2012 main figures and facts:

• 68 companies-exhibitors from 9 countries; • 85 most famous brands from 17 countries; • More than 86% of exhibitors will present novelties; • More than 3500 of visitors-specialists from 25 countries and 61 Russia regions.

VendExpo-Russia 2013 will be held next year in March 20-22!

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